You quit your job less than a year or two ago. You manage to replace your income or surpass it. Throughout the journey, you've had to push through struggles. I want to hear about how you overcame those and share the stories to inspire people!

It's been quite easy to find people that are way way far down the line and already settled in the game.

But I've been having a harder time finding content from people who just replaced their income and their journey.

The idea 💡

Chat with you on a 45-minute call over the good ol' phone. I don't know about you but I miss the time where I would spend hours on the phone… and the camera makes it feel awkward sometimes. I like to move around while talking!

After our conversation, I'll grab the transcript and write an article.

Sharing 📢

I'll share the article on this website and snippets of the interview on Twitter as well.

The topic 💬

Why you quit your job, your struggles, how you overcame them, how you crafted your offer or built your product.

What's next 👋

If you're interested, please shoot me a message on Twitter and book a time below.